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Authors of plant names

By: Brummitt, R.K. & Powell, C.E. (eds.)

Price: £40.00

Publisher: Royal Botanic Gardens Kew: 1992

Edition: 1st edition

Seller ID: 10155

ISBN: 0 947643 44 3

Condition: Fine

A compilation of names of authors of scientific names of plants and fungi, with standardised abbreviations. Jacket sunned but otherwise intact. View more info

Molecular aspects of gene expression in plants

By: Bryant, J.A. (ed.)

Price: £10.00

Publisher: Academic Press: 1976

Edition: 1st edition

Seller ID: 8822

ISBN: 0 12 138150 1

Condition: Fine

As new. ix, 338 pp. View more info

British economic grasses

By: Burr, S. & Turner, D.M.

Price: £24.00

Publisher: Edward Arnold: 1933

Edition: 1st edition

Seller ID: 11453

Condition: Good

Owner's discreet inscription on front pastedown. A fine collection of drawings of leaf transverse sections. View more info

Some discontinuous distributions of plants within New Zealand and their ecological significance - Part 1

By: Burrows, C.J.

Price: £6.00

Publisher: Victoria University of Wellington: 1964

Edition: Tuatara vol. 12 part 3

Seller ID: 16890

Condition: Good

Owner's signature on front cover. View more info

The structure and development of the mosses and ferns

By: Campbell, D.H.

Price: £18.00

Publisher: Macmillan: 1895

Edition: 1st UK edition

Seller ID: 11087

Condition: Good

Prelims. foxed. View more info

Botany for gardeners

By: Capon, B.

Price: £10.00

Publisher: Timber Press: 1990

Edition: 1st edition

Seller ID: 16370

ISBN: 0 88192 258 7

Condition: Fine

Scarcely used. View more info

Types of floral mechanism, part 1: Types I-XII

By: Church, A.H.

Price: £80.00

Publisher: Clarendon Press, Oxford: 1908

Edition: 1st edition

Seller ID: 11849

Condition: Fair

A copy with considerable edge wear, and some of the col. plates' paper has foxed but without major detriment. Hinges weak but holding. View more info

An account of the herbaria of the Department of Botany in the University of Oxford

By: Clokie, Hermia Newman

Price: £24.00

Publisher: Oxford University Press: 1964

Edition: 1st edition

Seller ID: 2572

Condition: V.g.

Scarcely used. Original invoice from Botany School, Oxford loosely inserted. An invaluable guide to the historic and modern collections of dried plant specimens in the UK's oldest institutional herbarium. More than a simple enumeration, this work provides chapters on the makers of the herbaria (foundation donors), special collections (Bobart, Sherard, Dillenius, Dampier, Bartram) and an account of the more recent history including the addition of the Fielding collection. The second part of the book is an alphabetical index to collectors with particulars of where, when and what they collected. ... View more info

Apical meristems

By: Clowes, F.A.L.

Price: £6.00

Publisher: Blackwell Scientific Publications: 1961

Edition: 1st edition

Seller ID: 17455

Condition: V.g.

Owner's signature. Little used. View more info

Flowers and their histories

By: Coats, A.

Price: £6.00

Publisher: Hulton Press: 1956

Edition: 1st edition

Seller ID: 15862

Condition: V.g.

Cover sl. Dulled; no inscriptions. View more info

The history and folklore of North American wildflowers

By: Coffey, T.

Price: £12.00

Publisher: Facts on File: 1993

Edition: 1st edition

Seller ID: 16049

ISBN: 0 8160 2624 6

Condition: V.g.

Spine of jacket sl. Sunned. View more info

Herbs and herb lore of colonial America

By: Colonial Dames of America

Price: £4.00

Publisher: Dover Publications: 1995

Edition: Reprint of 1970 edition.

Seller ID: 16052

ISBN: 0 486 28529 4

Condition: Fine

Scarcely used. View more info

A manual of botanic terms

By: Cooke, M.C.

Price: £10.00

Publisher: Gibbings & Company: 1896

Edition: New edition

Seller ID: 16127

Condition: V.g.

Scarcely used. View more info

Dictionary of plant names

By: Coombes, Allen J.

Price: £5.00

Publisher: Aura Books: 1994

Edition: Reprint, first published 1985

Seller ID: 2524

ISBN: 1 85152 533 5

Condition: Fine

A useful reference work covering all the major cultivated genera. xii, 195 pp. View more info

Poisonous plants in Britain and their effects on animals and man

By: Cooper, Marion R. & Johnson, Anthony W.; foreword by Roy Mack

Price: £18.00

Publisher: Her Majesty's Stationery Office: 1984

Edition: MAFF reference book 161

Seller ID: 185

ISBN: 0 11 242529 1

Condition: V.g.

V.g., owner's signature. A directory of plants toxic to farm animals and humans, with symptoms and treatments. Ill. with 42 col. plates, some comprising more than one image. Glossary, extensive bibliography. xiv, 305 pp. View more info

The life of plants

By: Corner, EJ.H.

Price: £10.00

Publisher: Weidenfeld & Nicolson: 1972

Edition: 3rd impression

Seller ID: 15967

ISBN: 0 297 16970 X

Condition: V.g.

Two identical bookplates on front free end paper. Owner's name in margin. View more info

Botanical monstrosities: a first step in plant teratology

By: Cragg-Barber, M.

Price: £16.00

Publisher: The author: 1997

Edition: 1st edition

Seller ID: 13783

ISBN: 0 9530388 0 7

Condition: V.g.

Little used. View more info

Phytogeography of Africa

By: Crosby, Marshall (ed.)

Price: £30.00

Publisher: Missouri Botanic Garden: 1978

Edition: Special issue of Annals of Missouri Botanic Garden vol. 65 (with specially printed cover)

Seller ID: 568

Condition: V.g.

With an introduction by Crosby, and articles by Goldblatt, Brenan, Quezel and Leroy, this succinct summary of plant geography in the four main regions of Africa (Southern, Tropical, Mediterranean & Saharan, and Madagascan) was presented at the 24th annual systematics symposium in St. Louis in October 1977. It also served to celebrate Missouri Botanic Garden's leading role in promoting floristic studies in Africa. Spine sunned, plastic coated cover slightly foxed (curiously this hasn't affected the paper), internally Fine. View more info

Plant anatomy part 1: cells and tissues

By: Cutter, E.G.

Price: £10.00

Publisher: Edward Arnold: 1978

Edition: 2nd edition

Seller ID: 8826

ISBN: 0 7131 2638 8

Condition: Fine

As new. x, 315 pp. View more info

Trends in plant morphogenesis

By: Cutter, E.G. (ed.)

Price: £6.00

Publisher: Longmans: 1966

Edition: 1st edition

Seller ID: 17453

Condition: V.g.

Little used. Owner's signature. View more info