About Us

John Edmondson in the Acanthophyllum bookstore

About Acanthophyllum Books

We specialise in second-hand and antiquarian books on: Botanical Art, Botany, Ecology, Gardens, Geology, Natural History, Science, Travel and Zoology.


We also have a more general stock: Agriculture, Archaeology, Architecture, Art, Biographies, Conservation, Equestrian, Genetics, History, Horticulture, Topography and Transport.


We can offer a range of maps and travel guides, including Ordnance Survey maps, together with town plans and geological maps. We have a good selection of Field Guides for various natural history topics, as well as Bird Faunas and Monographs.


If you are looking for a hard-to-find, out of print or antiquarian title, we will be happy to search for you - no obligation!


Our Book stores are open by appointment. We regularly attend Book Fairs organised by the Provincial Booksellers' Fairs Assocation (PBFA) at York, Haydock and specialist fairs.


Office address: Long Chase Farm, Sundawn Avenue, Holywell, Flintshire, UK. tel. +44 (0)775 858 3706.


Our Name and Location

Acanthophyllum Books takes its name from a group of south-west Asian plants "haunting high hot rocks from the Caucasus to Persia" (in the words of Reginald Farrer). It can also be interpreted as a play on the words 'acantho-' (spine) and 'phyll-' (leaf).


Holywell is named for a spring of water with miraculous properties, having helped to reattach the decapitated head of a wronged maiden (or so it is believed).